you're MORE than just the "kicker"


i'm looking to...


Image-1-2.jpeg in college

CAHILL -28.jpg

...BE clutch

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Our mission is simple, but it's not easy. we strive to position our kickers, punters, and snappers to be able to derive personal and professional satisfaction in their quest to be top performers and valuable teammates at their current or desired level. 


We work with middle school, high school, collegiate and professional athletes that are committed to being the best they can be and understand that achieving peak performance at any level isn't just about on field performance, but correlated with developing mental toughness and an appreciate for the hard work, dedication and life lessons practicing their craft provides. 


Coach Tad Beuchert 2x All American Assumption College MA, VT, NH, ME


Coach Brendan Cahill Owner, Clutch Kicks, NY, CT, RI


Coach Pat Clarke Owner NFL Free Agent, Cleveland Browns, current AFL DC Kicker, DE, MD, VA, Southern NJ


...Still not sure?

You're probably a bit like my parents were when they first heard of a kicking coach: "Wait, what? That's a real thing?" That's why at Clutch Kicks LLC we welcome the opportunity to have a no-obligation, no cost call so we can get to know you and you can get to know us.  This first conversation is an opportunity to us to see how well our services align with your son or daughter's personal, academic and athletic goals and determine if we are the right team to help meet those goals. 

Leave your worries and concerns at home and let's have a conversation. Start looking forward to the academic, athletic and personal journey you and your son or daughter is about to embark upon and schedule your appointment with us today. 


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