Explained! The serious medical condition of being “slept on”


14,000~ HS FB Programs in USA

28,000-42,000 K/P/LS (between 2-3 ea per program)

667 College FB Programs 

125 FBS Teams  

125 FCS Teams  

167 DII Teams 

250 DIII Teams

7% of 14,000 HSFB players go on to play college football at any level.  

1% of that 7% go on to play FBS football  

1.7% of that 1% go on to play NFL  

Will you make the cut?  

Grades + Game + Grit = Opportunities  

Being “slept on” refers to being unfairly overlooked or not taken seriously by someone else - boss, rival, recruiter, coach, press.  

In reality, most college recruiters are too bogged down to and busy to “sleep”. Their message inboxes are overflowing, phone off the hook and the number of unread messages continue to climb. Couple that with their regular coaching duties and being family members - it is a wonder they can do it year in and out. That’s at any level of FB.  

If you want to cut through the noise, sing a different tune. Go visit and perform in their prospect camp. Schedule an admissions tour. Send hand written thank you letters. Follow up promptly with emails and messages. Fill out recruiting questionnaires when asked to.  

An “offer” is voluntary. You can’t demand one. All things being equal the recruit who is better at self marketing, building rapport, building respect and being proactive will likely receive an opportunity over one that is not.  

Same in life.  

The best medication for being “slept on” is to wake up and get moving.  



Brenden Cahill