Don't Try...

Junior year of college, after a shanked punt and a frustrating few weeks of practice, a newer, grizzled coach bluntly asked me:

“Cahill, what in the hell was that?”

“I’m sorry coach I was tryin-”

And before I even finished the word, my coach stopped me told me something that’s stuck with me ever since that I think will have implications not only for your football career but life beyond. He said this:

“Try” is a word used by losers to explain why they didn’t get the job done. In life you either do something, or you do not, you own it, fix it and move on. Nothing else matters.”

And then we walked off the field leaving me with that thought.

While the words stung at the start, he was right, I was being a whiney loser - I was creating every excuse for my poor performance and then trying to justify it to him and others instead of just getting better.

Something we try so hard to be great that we fail at even being good.

You’re going to have some kicks that matter this year.

You’re either going to make them or you are going to miss them.

Either way, you would be right back at it needing to repeat the process, make the next kick.

It’s same thing in life - you’re going to have moments with your family, spouse, friends, bigger decisions, life changing moments and you’re going to have to act, and perform boldly.

We don’t have enough time left to “try” any more.

Your playing career is 4 years of HS , maybe 4 more in college and, if the stars all align, something after that. You’re only going to get less of it.

Your reps are dwindling.

Don’t leave your career to “trying” anymore, DO IT.

Brenden CahillComment