3 Things You Absolutely MUST DO on your college visit

You’ve driven for hours…

You’ve dreamed of this moment for years…

You’ve been working hard…

…This is it, you’re about to visit your dream college!

(If you’re lucky, you already have a visit set up with a coach on campus, if you don’t have one - don’t worry. I will show you exactly how to get an audience with a coach.)

You walk the field…

You visit with the coach…

You have a great conversation…

…but did you post it to Twitter?

Not posting your recruiting visit to Twitter is like slashing the tires of your new race car you just got.

How can coaches WANT you from other schools if they do not see that you are ALREADY wanted by perhaps one of their rivals?

Here it is - step-by-step

(Assuming you already have a Twitter profile, are at the level of the school you are talking to…)

  1. Get a Photo:

College coaches are marketers and salesmen at heart. Recruiting is the lifeblood of their business. No sales = no recruits = no wins = no job. Knowing that the main function of them 8 months out of the year is recruiting, asking them to take a picture with you isn’t a big ask for them. It is for you.

Here is the script i would use:

“Coach, thank you so much for having me here. If you might have a minute, my mom wanted to get a picture of us for our grandma - is that ok?” (Blame mom for the photos! It’ll help you!)

If the coach says no, make sure you find an assistant coach, grad assistant or just take a picture of yourself on the game field with the logo.

The principle is that you are SEEN THERE BEING WANTED.

2. Get an Audience

  • Make a Twitter Profile w all academic, athletic and contact info on it for coaches to see easily.

  • Follow Coaches of staff you are interested in.

  • Send them an email or Direct Message (DM) using the following script: “Coach I am a class of 2019 recruit  and, while I’ve receive interest from other notable programs such as abc, abc and abc,  it would be a privilege to play for your program. I have a best ball of …,  a FG range of and a punt best ball of. If you might be open to it, I would enjoy stopping by your office to talk some football when I go on my scheduled admissions tour of your school next week for 5 minutes of your time. Thank you again - Respectfully - John Doe”

  • If that does not work, you may need to go bang on the door. Look, I know it’s a bit extra effort,  but here is the reality: Even if you are NOT scheduled to visit with the coach, they will likely already have someone scheduled who they DO want. That recruit will have parents who are keen on seeing what type of coaching staff it is going to be and will be watching how the coaches interact with everyone - including you Mr. I have no visit set up ! What coach would want to jeopardize a 5 star recruit QB’s attendance because they treated a walk-in poorly? Zero. Just knock on the door and follow a similar script in the email: “Hi Coach my name is John Doe I’m a class of 2019 K/P/LS and would enjoy talking some football - did you have just 2 minutes? If you don’t i’ve quite a bit of free time and don’t mind waiting or coming back later today.”

3. Get a Number

  • Coaches are CRUSHED with messages. You need a way to cut through the noise. The easiest way to do that is to get their direct office line, email or cell phone. I would go for the cell phone. Here is how…

  • “Coach thank you very much for your time - Idk if you might be open to it but I’ve got a few clips of my kicking recently and would love to send them to you to see wha you though - would it be ok if i just texted them over real quick?”

  • “Could you do me a favor coach - what might be the best way to send you film and get your advice on my training and recruiting process - cell phone? “

  • If you don’t get a cell phone number, that’s ok - get their direct line and an email. Now that they know who you are, they are likely going to respond!

3.5 Thank You

  • Worlds turn on the phrase “THANK YOU”

  • College coaches are passionate, but overworked and recruiting can be a thankless job. You should be thankful to God Almighty for every direct interaction you have with one and go to extra steps to communicate that. Even if it is not the school you want, coaching staffs turnover a lot. The lowly grad assistant at Clemson is tomorrow’s FCS OC. The single best thing you can do is send a WELL-WRITTEN - BY HAND - THANK YOU LETTER. With a brief accompanying email.

  • “Coach, thank you very much for your time visiting last week. I cannot imagine how busy you all must be during this time of the year. I look forward to continuing to stay in touch and also referring other talented kickers and player I know your way who might be of value to you”

  • Not only are you thanking them but now you are OFFERING to make their job easier and making yourself more valuable.

Want to learn more? Be sure to check out our Spring Combine 4/28 at Darien HS where we will get you the lowdown on recruiting!


Brenden Cahill