Are you 3G?

You don’t need to spend 3+k on a ranking camp. You just need to do three things:

Get great grades  

Get great Gametape  

Get gritty  

Grades- Coaches don’t bend kicker requirements. You cannot be an academic flag.  

Game- DIFBS requires you to be able to hit between 58-60+ yd FG -10 on KOs w 4.0 hang and a best punt ball ability of 55-60 yds w 5.0 hang Ability. When you’re really good things get really easy.  

Grit- most trainers position themselves as gatekeepers. Why pay the doorman when you can drive right over him? Most kids do not take advantage of social media, nor believe they can attract a coach’s attention and therefore do not knock on doors or make phone calls. Rejection is GOOD. It means you are KNOWN. All it takes it one person to say YES to you.  

Example? Eric Bernstein LI NY. 3.6 GPA worked his tail off for one year of HS FB to hit his FBS ranges and was a self - marketing machine. Want to learn how he did it? Stay tuned... 

Brenden Cahill