QUICKEST Way To Get Noticed is...

Two simple words that will likely save you 1,000s of dollars... 

Go. There.  

College run prospect summer camps where they can evaluate recruits in person to see if you are the same person on your tape.  

For a position like kicking, punting, snapping the sound of the ball is absolutely irreplaceable if not in person, spinning of laces or a crushed spiral turn over punt.  

Even if a coach likes you, they will tell you to go to their prospect camp... 

A few key points: 

1. Your presence communicates you are SERIOUS about their school.  

2. Combine these camps w campus tours to get a better feel for these events.  

3. Lower division schools often pool resources to put on camps together.  

4. Camps run anywhere from $50-100/day.  

5. Call ahead of time to know EXACTLY when you will be kicking. This is a job interview don’t be late.  

6. Parents go and watch shake hands with coaches at the end of the day this is your kid’s show. You can ask questions at the end and take pics with coaches. 

7. Your workout will largely be... 

FGs 12 kicks off mechanical holder starting 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 each hash.  

KOs 5 or so.  

Punt 12 punts, 4 left, 4 right, 2 pooches, 2 our the back of endzone emergency punts when punt block is on.  

Train for this.  

You will be given total control over warming up on your own and coaches will evaluate you on everything.  

Don’t worry - just having a set warm up routine will communicate that you know what you’re doing.  

7.5 Take your first 2-3 Kicks into a net in case  they are clunkers. Don’t give any coach a reason to think you can’t be trusted. 

...most importantly SHMOOZE as much as you can w coaches!  

Hey coach thank you for having me out... 

Hows your family doing? 

Where are you from? (Most college coaches have moved more times than they can remember!)  

Hows Recruiting going?

I noticed o punt last year you were a pro style not a spread - do you mind talking me through your punt philosophy? 

I noticed on KO you usually try to hang it high on your game tape to the goal line even w a kicker who can hit it into the endzone- do you mind talking me through your KO strategy? 

whats the number one thing you look for in a kicker, punter, snapper...?

If there was one thing you saw me do today that if I fixed might make me a serious contender as a prospect for you what might it be...? 

Be interested in your coaches and they will likely take more interest in you!  

Brenden CahillComment