TOO COOL for your parents? Happy Mother's Day!

Makes and misses come and go, but your parents are for forever.

When you have the best game of your life, they’ll hang back to let you celebrate with your buddies.

When you have had the worst game of your life, they will sit with you outside the locker room when everyone else has left to talk about it.

We’ve very rarely, if ever, had a parent who comes to us and says “I want my son to be ALL AMERICA!” or “I want my daughter to be ALL STATE!”

On the contrary, 99.9% of all parents simply just want their kid (YOU!) to enjoy their passion while they can and take life lessons from it to help you become an even better young leader, professional and later, husband, wife, father or mother.

Parents get a bad wrap by the media, probably even more so than coaches!

Regardless of how tough of a day a kid had, no matter how unimaginably frustrating a kid might be to deal with at practice at times, that kid is likely going home to someone busting their back on the homefront to put food on the table, money in the bank account and the lights on for them.

Someone working to create a better life for their kid than they had.

My dad used to film all of our games for high school, and while he was pretty good about keeping the commentary off of the film, my mother sitting next to him wasn’t quite so subtle. She would yell and scream at the top of her lungs!



But when someone would ask who her son was, she would simply say “OH he’s the punter =) “ with a smile on her face.

You’re never too cool for your parents guys - HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Brenden Cahill