Are YOU a SQUIRREL or a sloth?

If you’ve ever watched a squirrel on a telephone pole wire you’d be amazed at actually how hard that is to do - shoot across a thin wire 20 feet in the air, with sure death if you fell!

The reason why this works for the squirrel is that HE DOES NOT STOP.

If you stop mid-trip, your momentum fails and you fall.

If the squirrel stops, he dies. Simple.

You could be a sloth - taking your time getting place to place, moving slowly, cautiously, but where would you get going that slow? Thinking that much?

Truly, be a squirrel.

The squirrel has simply one goal - get. to. the. other. side.

What is your one goal?

Lose weight?

Lift more?

Kick at your dream school?

Ask that person out on a date?

Whatever it is, don’t stop.

Brenden Cahill